Here you will find fish that are free to brave the currents of the open sea, which promotes ideal muscles and optimal fat levels. Canary Island sea bass, fed only natural, antibiotic-free feed. Another example of absolute respect for nature comes from overseas, specifically from Tasmania with the Oceanic Salmon.

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Fresh Fish from all around the world

Longino & Cardenal offers a wide selection of fish from around the world and selected according to sustainable fishing principles. You can order fish online on our website and get it directly at home in Dubai.

Fresh fish for your special occasions, for your summer lunch or for your romantic dinner. Discover our catalog, you'll find seabass from the Atlantic Sea, codfish from the Faroe Islands, smoked salmon from Ireland, fish tartare, smoked tuna or swordfish for carpaccio.

Cooking fish at home is a very nice experience because you can prove your culinary skills. Moreover, fish is a very versatile ingredient: you can grill it on the BBQ, you can cook it in a pan or even in the oven.

During summer, fish is always what you need for eating something that is quick and easy to cook, but which is also light for fighting the summer heat. During winter, especially on Christmas time, baked fish is one of the most common recipes because it is a very convivial meal.

Choose the Atlantic Sea bass for the best fish recipe

The sea bass in our online shop is farmed in the coasts of the Canary Islands. This special place offers the best breeding conditions, because of strong currents and an ideal temperature all the time.

The Sea Bass is a traditional Mediterranean fish, which is typically oven baked. Very easy to cook, you only need to put it in a baking tray with seasonal vegetables and spring onions or you can try the classic salt-baked sea bass recipe.

Very often, children do not enjoy eating the whole fish, with sea bass there is no problem since it can be easily portioned into fillets. Cook the fillets in a very hot pan with the skin on for a crispy crust, a real treat for all family members.

Smoked Salmon: from salads and sandwiches to pasta

Smoked salmon is a gastronomic delicacy, ideal for parties with lots of guests that you want to impress.

Longino & Cardenal has chosen the best salmon from Ireland and from Norway, an excellent salmon without any imperfections or defect, a true gourmet salmon.

There are two main steps during the preparation of smoked salmon: salting and smoking. The salt is an essential ingredient because it can enhance the taste of the fish, before the smoking time, the fillets must be well dried.

The smokehouse is where magic happens. When the fire, made only with oak wood, is burning intensely, wood chips are put on top to produce the smoke. Oak is the traditional wood that has been used for smoking in Ireland since ancient times.

The fish is smoked for about 10 to 14 hours, leaving the salmon moist with a light smoky aroma. Apart from smoke and salt to flavor the salmon, no additives are used.

Salmon is the perfect ingredient to add to salads or for making a pasta sauce, sliced smoked salmon is also great for sandwiches to bring to school or any packed lunch that requires little time to be prepared.

For a boost of taste, try the smoked salmon with soy sauce for a complete Asian experience.

The king of Northern Sea: Cod Fish

Longino & Cardenal has established a partnership with Giraldo, a cod fish producer that only buys wild cod caught by hooks in the cold waters of Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Giraldo cod is cured for months in salt at a controlled temperature, then it is cut to ensure a uniform taste. It is desalted only by customer order and only with ice water.

There are so many cod fish recipes because there are a lot of different typologies of cod cuts. Depending on your favorite cooking method, you can choose the perfect cut.

In salads, you can use the small cod ingots of Desmigados Premium, for carpaccio or cooking in oil, choose the Lomo Especial which is a delicious cod fillet and for a fried tempura, choose the Cod morros.