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When we talk about farmed fish, we often make the mistake of considering them a product of inferior quality to wild fish, without taking into account, on the one hand, the great progress made by aquaculture and, on the other, the sad situation of our seas due to pollution. High-end fish farms, such as Aquanaria, have made great strides towards a product with the same quality as wild fish, but with the added certification of safety and environmental respect. In nature, fish are free to eat whatever they find, but they live in environments polluted by plastics and hydrocarbons.
Aquanaria, on the other hand, guarantees the enjoyment of fish bred with total traceability and quality. Aquanaria is, in fact, a full-cycle company: from the eggs, to their development into fry, until they become sea bass ready to face the strong Atlantic currents.
The eggs of Aquanaria's fry hatch in breeding tanks in Gran Canaria, where they remain only until they are big enough and strong enough to be taken out to sea. Before this journey, however, they are vaccinated one by one by the hands of veterinarians. This, along with the fact that they will grow in an ecosystem free of terrestrial pollutants, allows Aquanaria to not give them any antibiotics.
But the advantages of growing in the Atlantic don't end there. Unlike the Mediterranean where there is little wave motion and large temperature swings, the coasts of the Canary Islands offer the best breeding conditions, with strong currents and an ideal and constant temperature all year round. The enormous depth nets, within which the fish can move freely, favor the attainment of an ideal musculature and an optimal level of fat: if the sea bass swims all day long, its flesh is much firmer.
Aquanaria sea bass are fed only with feed composed of three types of blue fish, without any residual terrestrial animal (only vegetable) and without the addition of keratin.

The company
Aquanaria, a Spanish company founded in 1973, is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its product. Raised for at least 33 months in the icy waters of the Atlantic, Aquanaria's sea bass is a fish of the highest quality, recognizable thanks to two main characteristics: the flavor, intense and unique, and the texture, compact and soft. Both are achieved through a diet rich in protein and the natural habitat in which they are bred.

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