Spanish Veal

Veal meat, a Spanish delicacy

Veal comes from young cattle, this meat is known for its high quality, tenderness and intensity of flavour. The fine-grained texture of our veal makes it tender and versatile to prepare, in general, it is easy to digest and low in cholesterol. Longino has selected our special Spanish partner Vacum for veal meat because it's the best we can find. Have a look at out catalog and choose your favorite cut of meat among tenderloin, rib-eye and striploin.

Vacum uses to call this special breed "Mountain Beef", when we talk about mountain beef we are referring to a very specific meat from calves raised in the mountains of northern Spain. These are calves between 11 and 15 months old that have been fed a natural diet of grass and herbs and weight about 400 kg.

What does veal taste like?

The meat is very tender and juicy with a reddish color and a very mineralized taste. Once cooked, veal has a smooth, velvety, and moist feel that pleases everybody. Because of its tenderness, it's the perfect meat for every member of the family, from adults to children. There is none or very little marbling on the meat. It is better to slow-cook the meat for a long time, in order to fully develop its flavors due to low fat and connective tissues.

Our selection of Spanish veal meat includes the Rib-Eye aged 12 days, one of the tastiest and most sought-after cuts from the muscles in the rib area, these muscles are little used during the life of the cow and, as a result, the texture remains soft even after cooking. A distinctive feature of rib eye is the round of white fat, similar precisely to a cow's eye. Rib-eye is a marbled meat with a significant portion of fat, so the advice is to use a drizzle of oil for the pan or a barbecue cover. A quick sear is all that is needed to fully extrapolate its flavor and appreciate it.

Then, there is the tenderloin, to pan cook with salted butter, seasonal herbs, added salt and pepper, and the striploin which does not refer exactly to an anatomical portion, but may refer to those parts next to the tenderloin. This is almost always the rump, a highly prized cut, very appreciated for its amazing taste. The striploin is suitable for making both steaks for grilling or pan-frying and roasts. This cut of veal is very versatile, season it with your favorite spices to get the best out of a great meat.