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Mediterranean Seafood

Italian Gourmet Corner

Longino & Cardenal - Online Gourmet Food Store

Shop Longino is the new Longino & Cardenal e-commerce point of reference for over 30 years for quality catering in Italy. Thanks to Longino's online shop you can start buying online products already chosen by 80% of Michelin starred restaurants.

Italian Olive Oil

Seafood Tartare

Italian Corner

Longino & Cardenal - La Spesa Online si fa Gourmet

Shop Longino è il nuovo e-commerce di Longino & Cardenal punto di riferimento da oltre 30 anni per la ristorazione di qualità. Grazie allo shop di Longino potrete acquistare online prodotti già scelti dall'80% dei ristoranti stellati.

Italian Olive Oil

Seafood Tartare

Italian Corner

Longino & Cardenal - Italian Gourmet Food Specialists

Longino & Cardenal is today one of the main Italian "food globetrotters". With passion and courage it carries out a continuous search for the best raw materials, often little known to most, in order to satisfy the new trends in consumer behavior who are looking for excellent products offered in innovative forms. The delivery of the products is expected within 48/72 hours from the order if the product is already in stock. In other cases, an expected delivery date will be indicated.

Rare and Precious Food

Longino & Cardenal makes its products of excellence available to all gourmet lovers, until now reserved only for restaurants and hotels. The passion and the search for the best food that the world has to offer ready on the table of all homes. In Longino's shop you will find rare foods, searched around the world with dedication and passion. The quality of the product and its non-intensive production are just some of the principles behind the exclusive offer that you will find online. From the red prawns from Sicily, passing through the best selection of caviar such as beluga or asetra, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the most delicious and gourmet products in the world.

Meat, Fish and Cheese Selection

More than 1000 products that can be purchased online. You just have to choose what to buy to impress your next dinner guests. Why not choose a ready-to-use red Mazara prawn tartare or one of the Iberian pork ribs raised by Blàzquez in vast areas in Andalusia and Castile. If you love meat, you cannot fail to taste the Tomahawk steak, an iconic cut of the American barbecue and very scenographic to amaze diners. The best English meat, carefully selected and fully traceable. But there is much more and you can choose not only fish specialties such as caviar or oysters but also fall in love with our selection of both french and italian cheeses.