Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegar

Italian extra virgin olive oil is a true gastronomic excellence, renowned worldwide for its superior quality and unmistakable taste. Considered a true institution, it has become an essential product in every kitchen. We cannot talk about olive oil without mentioning Balsamic Vinegar, the seasoning resulting from a long aging process in wooden barrels.

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Italian Olive Oil and Seasonings from around the world

Longino & Cardenal has a wide selection of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and seasonings to make your dishes unique, giving an exotic touch to each one. Since cooking is a real art, ingredients are the key to create a special artwork. When using condiments and spices, you have to mix them in order to enhance all the aromas and create the perfect balance of flavors.

In our online shop, you'll find the best olive oil directly from Sicily, the original balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce made only using fresh tomatoes and special dressings. These are perfect as a must-have in the kitchen and as gifts for friends and family, who will appreciate living an authentic Italian food experience.

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar are the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, which is more than a diet: it is a lifestyle.

Extra virgin olive oil is recognized as a high quality oil, it is known to be as the "elixir of life" coming from Italy. Every Italian household and even every Italian restaurant can boast a very high quality olive oil.

Using olive oil in the kitchen is quite simple, you either use olive oil for stir-frying, pan-frying or baking your meal, or you use olive oil as a dressing once the meal is cooked, to enhance all the flavors.

Longino has selected two typologies of olive oil: from Sicily and from Umbria. Both are EVO oil, an acronym for extra virgin olive oil. This special organic oil is obtained from the pressing of olives, picked while still on the tree. The process of extracting the oil is completely natural. No chemical additives of any kind are used, unlike virgin olive oil.

The traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena is the best you can find, the most delicious on the market. Longino online shop proposes the Bonini vinegar, it is made by a company that follows all the principles for making an authentic balsamic vinegar and it is based in Emilia Romagna. Balsamic vinegar is a special seasoning matured in wooden barrels and made only of high quality grape must, without any caramel or wine vinegar. You can use balsamic vinegar for making a healthy salad dressing or even adding an Italian touch to your steak.

The authentic and traditional Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is that key ingredient in Italian cuisine to make a dish unique and with a true Italian flavor. Longino website has selected only the best producers on the market, high quality tomato sauce for everyday meals.

Making homemade tomato sauce is quite easy, but having a bottled version of the best tomato sauce is a very different experience. Since the tomatoes are super fresh when the sauce is made, the final product is a delicious ingredient for making tasty spaghetti with tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce available on our website is produced in Sicily and it is the basic ingredient for everyday simple recipes or even more complicated. Fresh tomatoes, salt, evo oil and basil: nothing more for a perfect sweet tomato sauce recipe.

Since tomato sauce is a very versatile ingredient, you can bring your creativity to life and experiment with different flavor combinations from eggplants with tomato sauce to gnocchi with tomato and cheese, try tomato sauce with ricotta for the perfect mix of Italian ingredients.

How to spice up your dishes: spices and gourmet condiments

The most important thing when cooking is creating the perfect mix of spices and condiments to enhance all flavors. Longino online shop proposes a wide selection for your exotic recipes such as the Caviaroli, and excellent product in the form of pearls.

Nut oils and nut butter are a great alternative to olive oil when cooking something that needs a more delicate flavor or for making special desserts.

Black Truffle pearls are produced from the juice of fine black truffles, which is carefully obtained through direct extraction from the truffle while it is cooked. This delectable juice is “spherified” through a very sophisticated technique, in other words it is transformed into small truffle flavored spheres or pearls, similar in color and texture to caviar.