Tomato Sauce

Quality ingredients and simple recipes: these are the secrets of Longino tomato sauce selection. Cherry tomato sauce embodies all the Sicilian taste with an unique and rich flavor. Discover the authentic taste of Italy with our premium Tomato pasta Sauce. Crafted from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, our sauce brings a rich flavor to your favorite pasta dishes. Perfect for pasta, pizza, or as a dipping sauce, it's a versatile kitchen staple.

Delicious Tomato Sauce from Italy

Nothing beats the taste of tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes. Pasta with homemade tomato sauce is a staple dish for many Italian families, it's a real comfort food for Italian children who eat it almost everyday for lunch after school. Italian tomato sauce is tasty, considered as the condiment par excellence and the basis of many traditional dishes.

Longino & Cardenal has chosen Chiaramonte and Pianogrillo as partners for the tasty fresh tomato sauce. You can order your favorite product, choosing among cherry tomato sauce or peeled tomatoes, and receive it in the comfort of your home in Dubai. Each product is ideal for a specific recipe, so you can explore Italian meals and start your gastronomic journey.

Tomatoes from the sunniest region: Sicily

Tomato sauce is a very simple but tasty condiment that can enrich your pasta dishes with the addition of olive oil and fresh basil. The real Italian touch comes from the use of specific tomato varieties: datterini and ciliegini.

In Italian, datterino means little date, a name given to this tomato because of its similarity to the fruit. Datterini are a particularly sweet variety, with few seeds and lots of pulp. Cherry tomatoes are a small variety of tomato known for its shape that resembles a cherry. These tomatoes are prized by chefs for their juiciness and thin skin, which makes the tomatoes pop in the mouth when eaten.

Our organic tomato sauce comes from the Chiaramonte company from Sicily, the land of fresh and juicy cherry tomatoes. The attachment to their roots, their production rigor and passion animate Tenuta Chiaramonte with a long agricultural culture, coming from the Sicilian tradition and from the Hyblean land in particular.

Pianogrillo uses very ancient lava stone oil mills dating back to the third century AD. The company is located in a panoramic position on the edge of the archaeological zone of Akrillai, ancient Neolithic settlement. They grow their own vegetables, fruit and also have few breeding of animals. The sauce of cherry tomatoes, exclusively self-produced and processed always within the district, is a recipe as simple as complicated: cherry tomatoes, salt, EVO oil and basil. Nothing more. It contains all the taste and fragrance of Sicily: a sauce with an incredible flavor and sweetness.

The best tomato pasta sauce

Tomato sauce is a very versatile ingredient that is used in cooking for a variety of preparations from pasta dishes to fish sauces. Of course, the most classic tradition is to dress pasta with tomato sauce for a quick lunch or dinner, which is precisely why it is always important to have in the pantry a bottle of a homemade tomato sauce made with fresh chopped tomatoes, the highest quality oil and salt. Only a few ingredients are needed for a tomato sauce recipe; it is a simple but heartwarming dish.