Atlantic Seabass

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Not sure how to properly cook sea bass in salt?

In this video recipe we show you how to cook sea bass in salt, a light recipe ideal for summer, to make the most of this Rare and Precious product.

Aquaculture, or fish farming, has made great strides in recent years. Aquanaria's high-end farms are able to obtain a product with the same quality as caught fish, to which, however, safety and environmental certification is added. Aquanaria guarantees that you can enjoy fish raised with total traceability and quality.

Chef's advice
Sea Bass is a traditional Mediterranean fish, typically to be baked. It can be placed in a pan with seasonal vegetables and greens or in the classic salt-baked recipe.
Alternatively, it can be portioned into fillets, which will have to be prepared in a very hot pan: starting on the skin side, so as to create a crispy crust, a few minutes on each side and it will be ready for serving.

What makes Aquanaria sea bass special?

Unlike the Mediterranean where there is little wave motion and large temperature ranges, the coasts of the Canary Islands offer the best breeding conditions, with strong currents and an ideal and constant temperature all year round. The huge depth nets, within which the fish can move freely, promote the achievement of ideal muscles and optimal fat levels: if the sea bass swims all day, its flesh is much firmer.
Aquanaria sea bass are fed only feeds composed of three types of bluefish, without any terrestrial animal residues (only vegetable) and without added keratin.

Gran Canaria SPAIN

Sea bass

Fresh refrigerated fish

Aquanaria, a Spanish company founded in 1973, is recognized worldwide as the leading producer of sea bass for haute cuisine. Farmed for at least 33 months in the cold waters of the Atlantic, Aquanaria sea bass is a fish of the highest quality recognizable by two main characteristics: the flavor, intense and unique, and the texture, firm and soft. Both are achieved through the protein-rich diet and to the natural habitat in which they are raised.

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