Canned Fish

Our fish preserves go far beyond the “all tuna” world: choose from our rich selection of anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea, caught and processed according to artisanal and manual processes. From the Spanish coasts, you will find special mollusks products, as well as cooked octopus and mussels, characterized by unique textures and flavors.

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Canned Fish for Everyday Use

In Longino & Cardenal's online shop you can find the best anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, as well as Spanish tuna in oil of the highest quality. Canned fish is always the right choice for everyday use, when you want to organize a gourmet lunch or a romantic dinner, but you don't want to cook or you don't have enough time. This is the moment when Longino comes to help you with Rare and Precious Foods. You can easily order online and receive at home in Dubai.

Canned fish and seafood are products with an extended expiration date. This is possible because of the preservation methods used to keep products fresh and safe. Thanks to the special canning method, you will always have your favorite food with you wherever you go, and you can also store everything in your kitchen pantry for a long time.

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, everything you need to know

Longino & Cardenal has found in Nardin the perfect partner for anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea. An excellent product recognized worldwide for its great quality, the entire process is strictly manual, including the placing of the fillets into the can.

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea have become a symbol of gourmet cuisine. It is very common today that a pizzeria proposes pizza with anchovies as the main ingredient. Nardin's Cantabrian Sea Anchovy Fillets are the best in terms of size and for their unmistakable aroma.

The anchovies are caught in the spring. They are large, firm and have a significantly high amount of fat, a factor that allows perfect salting. Anchovies are gutted, their heads are removed so the fish can be placed in tins manually. Now, everything is ready for the salting step, the most important one.

A layer of anchovies and a layer of sea salt until they exceed the rim of the tin by 5, 6 centimeters. A metal band is placed around the excess to keep the salted anchovies from falling out, which will then be pressed down so that excess water will escape and allow proper curing.

You can find two typologies of anchovies in our catalog: the classic one with olive oil or the special version of smoked anchovies. Choose your favorite product for your special occasion: a slice of bread with a thin layer of butter and some anchovies. The perfect combination!

The perfect recipe for tuna in oil

Nardin only uses the best raw materials. "Bonito del Norte" tuna steaks are selected using sustainable and traditional fishing techniques. Tuna is caught from June to October, when the fish are at their best point to be consumed. Only fresh tuna and olive oil: this is how Serrats can guarantee the quality of its products.

The tuna can reach one meter in length and 25 kg in weight and, like almost all tuna, lives in large schools, hunting sardines, anchovies and molluscs.

The canned tuna catalogue includes tuna fillets in oil, but also the delicious tuna belly, for a deeper experience of taste.