Your palates will enjoy the world's best oysters. You will discover different sensory experiences: from the Tsarskaya oyster, indigenous to Brittany and desired by the Russian Czars, through Ireland to the creuse oysters of the French Charente-Maritine coast with their delicate and enveloping taste.

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The best selection of French Osyters

Oysters have been grown in France for centuries and it was the first country in Europe to begin producing them on a large scale. The tasty little mollusc lives in brackish water such as estuaries, harbours, lakes, and lagoons which provide a combination of fresh and saltwater.

Longino's top selection is the Daniel Sorlut brand. This company breeds the oysters in the calm and cold waters of France's Charente-Maritime coast, in large natural pools with waters rich in nutritious algae. Their oyster cultivation is near Bourdeaux, which is an internationally renowned area for quality oysters. Daniel Sorlut Oysters have a firm, but creamy texture and the flesh is delicious. French oysters have a special taste which is given by a food they really love: marine phytoplankton.

The growing process is carefully monitored and studied by experts, in order to meet strict quality standards that an excellent gourmet ingredient must always follow. France produces the best oysters in the world, appreciated also by Michelin starred restaurants.

Longino & Cardenal, thanks to its advanced shipping network, is able to guarantee very fresh oysters to buy online and to receive directly at home in Dubai. Oysters are a very elegant ingredient to serve at the table, your guests will enjoy them as a poolside appetizer or during a sunset coctkail party.

Dfferent types of French oysters

On Longino's website, you'll find Special Daniel Sorlut oysters. They are creamy and with a very big delicious flesh, salty and with an intense sweet flavor of hazelnut as an aftertaste. A very special oyster to please even the most demanding palates, choose your favorite one and get ready to live a gourmet tasty experience.

How to open oysters

You can shuck oysters thanks to a small oyster knife, very useful and easy-to-use object. After getting the appropriate knife, you need to protect your hand in a dishcloth so that you avoid any injury. The second step is to look for some gap between the shells.

At that point, you insert the tip of the knife into it, and then slowly let the entire blade enter. Through a rotary motion, you must go all the way till opening the oyster. Check our video ti discover all the secrets of our Chef Giorgio.

How to eat fresh oysters

Usually, it is recommended to eat oysters without even adding a drop of lemon to experience the full taste and all the aromas you can get from the raw mollusc. Simply put the raw oyster on a tray with ice at the base to keep tem cold.

According to a popular idea, you should swallow them whole.

Are you looking for a special recipe to serve your oyster dish and impress your guests? Longino's company Chef Giorgio Guglielmetti takes us on a journey of five gourmet pairings.

Here there are some suggestions on how to serve oysters according to traditional recipes from all around the world:

  • Europe: pour a tablespoon of champagne into the oyster
  • Asia: pour one tablespoon of yuzu juice and one tablespoon of soy sauce into the oyster
  • America: pour one tablespoon of coconut milk and 5 g of cocoa grue into the oyster
  • Oceania: cut tomatoes and avocado and serve inside the oyster
  • Africa: season the oyster with a little Madagascar wild pepper