Join Longino's exclusive Club

Lots of benefits, no cost!

For every 5 dirham you spend on Longino's Shop you will earn 1 point. There are also other ways to earn points, such as inviting your friends or writing reviews.


5 dirhams = 1 point


20 points = 10 dirhams

How to earn points

How to spend your points


How much does it cost to join the Club?

Joining the Club has no cost. It is our way to say thank you for your loyalty in the purchases on our Shop.


Do I earn points upon registration?

No, you don't earn any points with the Club registration. It is a mandatory step to join the Club.


When I can start using my loyalty points?

The minimum points threshold to use them at checkout is 500 loyalty points


When do I start earning points?

The program starts on May 2, 2022. Every purchase made on or after this date will allow points to accumulate.


Do the accumulated points have an expiration date?

Yes, points are valid for two years from the day you join.


Can I exchange points for money?

Yes, the accumulated points can be spent freely. 20 points correspond to 5 dirhams.


If I already have an account on Shoplongino website, what should I do?

Nothing, you'll be automatically signed up for the Club and start accumulating points on May 2, 2022.


How do I invite a friend?

Within your account you will find a button to invite your friends.