Caviar & Oysters

Caviar is closely related to the history of Longino & Cardenal in Italy. We started the business by importing fresh caviar from Iran in 1988 and now we sell it around the world to please even the most discerning palates. Your palates will also enjoy the amazing taste of the world's best oysters. You will enjoy different sensory experiences thanks to the the delicate and enveloping aromas of fresh French oysters.

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Caviar and Oysters Selection

On Longino & Cardenal online shop you will discover the excellence of the most preciuous foods in the world: caviar and oysters. These rare and precious foods will arrive straight to your door, from Italy to Dubai.

Enjoy a moment of pure luxury through the enveloping, silky notes of caviar, savor the freshness of the sea in one bite with premium French oysters. Speaking of luxury and exclusivity, there is no more elite and privileged dish than caviar, status symbol and iconic product, synonym for absolute excellence.

For us at Longino & Cardenal, caviar has an even more special relevance because it wrote the first page of our history. It was in fact 1988 when the original partners decided to start their own business by importing fresh caviar to Italy from Iran and repackaging it in a small warehouse in La Spezia, in Liguria.

Since then, caviar has always been a key asset for us, allowing to be recognized as a company of reference for the best restaurants throughout the country. Baikal, Asetra, Kaluga Amur: these are the names of the caviar that have been carefully selected by Longino & Cardenal to offer the best to the most demanding customers around the world.

Daniel Sorlut and Marennes Oleron's special oysters guide you on a journey of pure sensory enjoyment, discovering the most delicious ingredient for a sophisticated experience. For the most important occasions or for a treat during your daily routine, for your business lunches or romantic dinners, for family celebrations or gatherings with longtime friends: a gourmet ingredient is always the right choice.

If you are looking for a poolside or seaside aperitif, or a great way to enjoy sunset on the terrace, blinis with Kaluga caviar and oysters are the ideal choice. Add a glass of champagne to make the occasion even more special.

The Best Caviar To Buy Online

Caviar is the most precious and exclusive food in the world, synonymous with luxury, privilege and refinement.

If you're wondering where to buy caviar in Hong Kong, Longino's website is the solution. You will have the opportunity to discover different qualities of caviar coming from China. Get tempted by the intense flavor of the black Baikal caviar, be amazed by the delicacy of Asetra caviar with its final notes of hazelnut, get surprised by the creamy texture of the green Kaluga Amur caviar and the persistent flavor of the Beluga caviar.

Usually enjoyed plain, the caviar must be taken from the package with a mother-of-pearl spoon so as not to alter the flavor with metal cutlery. However, there are recipes that feature caviar in traditional Italian pasta dishes. Such as cold spaghetti with caviar and chives for a gourmet meal.

The key to quality caviar is the method of sturgeon feeding: drip feeding ensures that fishes are always fed fresh feed. Nets are installed to prevent the fish from feeding on the muddy deposits on the river.

In 1988, Longino & Cardenal was the first business in Italy to import fresh caviar from Iran, getting this special permission to please even the most discerning palates, offering the best caviar to order from home.

Discover the taste of French Oysters

The fresh oysters in our online shop have a unique taste, buttery texture and notes of pure sea saltiness. Longino shop offers only the best quality of French oysters, large oysters to fully enjoy the marine flavor.

Fine De Claire Oysters and Special Daniel Sorlut Oysters are characterized by a tasty flavor, with an intense nutty final taste due to the cold and calm waters where they live. For centuries, these oysters have been farmed in large natural pools rich in nutritious seaweed along France's Charente-Maritime coast. These special concave oysters are fed with marine phytoplankton, which is the basic ingredient for a balanced diet, rich in nutrients that make the flesh tasty, rich and so refined.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to open oysters, Longino recommends using an oyster knife or a kitchen knife being very careful. Our special secret to open oysters in a safe way is using a kitchen cloth with which to hold the oyster firmly in place.

The best way to enjoy oysters is definitely eating them raw, placing them on a tray with ice, without adding even a drop of lemon juice so as not to alter the marine flavor, pairing them with white wine. Each oyster is characterized by a different size according to which oysters are classified by numbers. From 5 to 0, with 0 being the biggest oyster you can get, more than 150 gr.