Fresh Red Snapper 1.5Kg - Japan

Size 1,5 kg approx.
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Snappers are a large family of perch that includes about 185 species and is found in all subtropical seas. Red Snappers are predatory fish that feed mainly on fish and crustaceans, but also partially on plankton. They catch their food by grabbing it suddenly.
The red snapper is a very popular fish. Characteristic of the red snapper is its reddish coloration and its oversized mouth with a whole row of sharp teeth in the front.

Chef's Advice
There are almost no limits to the use of the snapper. It can be grilled, steamed, poached or fried. A popular variation is to stuff the fish with a mixture of spices or vegetables.
Snapper harmonizes well with most typical cuisines, it is considered a delicacy because of its high quality meat. Its flesh is firm, white and deliciously tender.

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