Marine Plankton

Marine plankton is an exclusive product, the taste enhancer par excellence, 100% natural and ideal for giving a marine taste to your dishes. A key protagonist of the evolution of modern cuisine, phytoplankton is rich in essential minerals with an unmistakable aroma for increasing your creativity in the kitchen.

Marine Plankton, a new ingredient for gourmet dishes

Marine plankton can be described as a real revolution in cooking. Plankton is an exclusive food used as an enhancer of authentic sea flavor. You can become a gourmet chef by using plankton in your dishes, be ready to order plankton online and receive it directly at home in Dubai.

This product is 100% natural and rich in essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, potassium, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin C and E. The story that brings this product from the sea to the kitchen began about 10 years ago thanks to three-Michelin-starred chef Angel Leon and his love for the sea and constant search for new flavors.

Longino's catalog includes 3 types of plankton: freeze-dried, plankton, olive oil and spheres. Each product has been thought for a specific cooking method.

We have chosen Veta la Palma as our producer of Phytoplankton Marine because it is a world leader in the scientific development of marine culture. Veta la Palma has based its success on innovation, responsibility, sustainability and quality.

What is marine phytoplankton?

This is an innovative ingredient, everyone talks about it because it seems to be the most wanted product in starred restaurants. But if you're wondering what marine plankton really is, here we are with an explication: the plankton we talk about is not what whales eat, it's something different because whales eat small crustaceans, whereas marine plankton is of plant origin.

What does plankton taste like?

Marine plankton does not taste like seaweed or like fish as many could think, its aroma is very sophisticated and it almost reminds of a crustacean, especially lobster head, sea urchins, and has a slight herbaceous aftertaste.

How to use plankton for cooking?

In 2014, plankton has been considered an edible food for human consumption after many researches and experiments. It is usually sold freeze-dried or in a form of a cream, or even mixed with other ingredient such as in plankton olive oil.

When freeze-dried, it is of course powdered, so it has to be diluted in water with 3-4 parts of water per part of plankton. Some chefs also use it in the bread dough, in a mayonnaise, as decoration on the dish or for giving risotto a special sea taste. You can also use it for marinades with water, oil, herbs and hydrated marine plankton, or even for a vinaigrette.