English Frenched Lamb Rack

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The "french rack" is a special preparation reserved for the lamb loin: basically, it is the loin to which the ribs are left attached, but removed from the meat.

The cut of lamb is usually made of 8 ribs, it is the most popular cut of lamb; it has clean bones and doesn't have the backbone.

Chef's Advice

To cook French rack of lamb, you can decide whether to cut it into portions to make individual chops to grill, or to cook it whole with herbs and spices on the barbecue or in the oven for an unforgettable scenic effect.

What makes the English lamb special?

The goal is to provide true visibility of the supply chain from farm to table and the best halal meat, which is precisely why all animals are labeled and have passports.
The animals raised live a happy life in the open air, developing an outstanding taste of meat. Attention to detail is superb, which means that nothing substandard will ever arrive on your plate.




English lamb


1 kg approx.

Since 2016 Hill Farm Finest has been supplying the best halal meat from Britain, meeting all sharia requirements. All livestock are free-range and grass-fed. This is a happy, free-range farm that has been raising livestock for four generations and has developed strict slaughtering practices to ensure that the meat is truly halal.

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