Oysters and champagne, but not only: how to eat oysters

How to eat oysters
Not just oysters and champagne: 5 innovative recipes to impress with taste

Oysters are considered one of the most important treasures of the sea, delicacies that have captured the palates of the world's greatest connoisseurs. They are a culinary luxury in many cultures and are often associated with special occasions. But why are they so highly prized? Surely it is because of their unique flavor, their soft and enveloping texture, and the aroma of the sea they give off.

Eating them raw is a sophisticated experience, often associated with elegant dinners. The best known pairing is champagne, because of its sparkling taste and acidity it goes perfectly with the salty, marine flavor of oysters. However, there are many other ways to enjoy them that go beyond the classic pairing and into unusual and innovative combinations.

How to choose oysters

Oysters are a real treat for seafood lovers, offering a unique taste experience because of their distinctive flavor and distinctive texture. Understanding how to identify premium oysters can enrich your dining experience, whether you are an experienced connoisseur or a novice eager to explore.

Taste is the first and most immediate indicator of quality. Fresh, high-quality oysters are distinguished by their marine, clean and slightly sweet taste, with a pleasant aftertaste that may be reminiscent of cucumber or green apple. Freshness is perceived through a lively, marine taste, while a balance between sweetness and saltiness reveals mastery in cultivation and harvesting. Texture also plays a crucial role: it should be firm but juicy, avoiding chewy or overly liquid textures.

The look also provides valuable indications of its quality. An intact, tightly closed shell is a sign of freshness, as is the color of the flesh, which should appear uniform and range from white to pearl gray to darker shades depending on the species.

How to shuck oysters correctly

To enjoy them at their best, it is essential to open and serve this precious ingredient correctly. If you want to learn how to shuck an oyster quickly and easily, you will need an oyster knife or a short-bladed knife.

To shuck an oyster, hold it firmly in your hand protected by a dishcloth. Insert the knife blade into the slot and carefully pry open the shell. Once opened, they can be placed on a bed of ice or coarse salt to keep them fresh.

How to eat oysters: 5 unusual recipes

If you are approaching this precious ingredient for the first time, start with the smaller, less salty ones. This way, you can gradually get used to their unique flavor. Generally, they are consumed simply au naturel, but eating them raw is almost commonplace at a fine dinner party. Serving them cooked may seem like a gamble, but to be considered refined, a dish must also be innovative and outside the box.

Fried oysters

Fried oysters are a classic comfort food for many Japanese. Oysters are pureed in a batter made from flour, egg yolks, liquid cream, egg white, salt and pepper, then fried until crisp and golden brown. This method of preparation contributes to a texture that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They can be served with a spicy mayonnaise for an extra touch of flavor.

Oysters au gratin

To prepare the gratin, simply blend breadcrumbs, olives, anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, evo oil and a little filtered oyster water in a blender. With this mixture you can fill them and bake them at 220°C for 5 minutes.

Gin oysters

A fresh and aromatic appetizer, perfect for the most important occasions when you want to show all your creativity in the kitchen. For an even cooler touch, add cucumbers cut into small cubes and lay them on the oyster that you have detached from the shell. Scent it with lime zest and drizzle with lemon juice and gin for an even more special scent.

Oyster soup

Oyster soup is a delicious and flavorful dish characterized by a creamy base enhanced by the salty flavor of the precious bivalve mollusks. Butter, onions and potatoes are sautéed to create an aromatic base for the soup, to which fish stock and oyster water will be added. The soft flesh will be added only at the end, resulting in a dish prized for its delicacy and refined flavor, an excellent choice for an elegant meal or special dinner.

Rockefeller-style oysters

A dish originally from the city of New Orleans named after wealthy businessman John D. Rockefeller. The base of the dish consists of fresh oysters, opened and left in their shells. A mixture of spinach, herbs (usually parsley, chives and dill), breadcrumbs, butter, garlic and grated cheese is added on top of each. This baked dish is a treat for the eyes and the palate, considered a luxurious dining experience.

July 21, 2023