How to open oysters?

On special occasions it is known: oysters and champagne can never be missed. Although for champagne the method is much simpler, for oysters there is a very specific technique for opening them. In this video tutorial, Giorgio Guglielmetti teaches you how to open oysters! Follow all the steps in this video

How to open oysters | Recipe tutorial

Level: Easy

Time: 10 minutes

  • Oysters
  • Oyster opener knife
  • Kitchen cloth


  • Use an oyster-opener knife
  • Analyze the anatomy of the oyster and find the callus
  • Using a kitchen cloth, hold the oyster by placing your 4 fingers on the bottom and your thumb on the top
  • Enter the callus area with the knife
  • Move the knife along the line of the oyster
  • Peel off the callus from the top
  • Wipe off the shell residues and discard the first water
  • Separate the lower callus
February 7, 2022