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Food journey: let's explore the breeds of Old Cow

When you think of halal meat, what image comes to mind? Probably a nice piece of tenderloin, right? But have you ever thought about the different varieties of meat available? There are many types of old cow meat, each with its own unique characteristics. It is said that experience enriches life, and the same is true of meat. As a cow ages, the flavor of its meat becomes more intense and richer.

Now, let's broaden our horizons: Spain boasts a variety of old cow meat that is worth discovering. Galician cow meat is a popular Spanish specialty. This old cow meat, from the Galicia region, is renowned for its rich and intense flavor. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy strong and complex flavors.

Let's now explore the different types of Spanish old cow breeds that produce high quality meat. The Rubia Gallega, or Galician cow, is one of the best known old cow breeds in Spain. Coming from the Galicia region, this breed is prized for its marbled meat and intense flavor.

The Avileña-Negra Ibérica is another Spanish breed that produces high-quality old cow meat. This meat is famous for its rich flavor and tender texture. Finally, the Morucha is an old cow breed typical of the Castile and Leon region. Its meat is known for its tenderness and unique flavor.

Why old cow meat is so special

Old cow meat is an often overlooked culinary treasure. But what makes this meat so special and why should you consider it the next time you are planning a memorable meal?

Old cow meat, as the name suggests, comes from cows that are over a certain age, usually 5 years or more. While most of the meat we find in supermarkets comes from younger animals, old cow meat is a gourmet product that offers a unique flavor and texture.

But why does an older cow produce better meat? This has to do with the natural processes that occur in the animal as it ages. As a cow matures, its muscle develops and becomes richer in flavor. Fat seeps into the muscle, creating what chefs call marbling. This marbling not only makes the meat more flavorful, but also more tender.

The flavor of old cow meat is often described as more intense and complex than meat from younger cattle. It has a rich and deep flavor that is truly inimitable. This makes old cow meat an excellent choice for dishes that require strong meat flavor, such as roasts and stews.

With its unique flavor and rich history, this culinary delicacy could become your new favorite gastronomic discovery.

Old cow vs. beef: comparing two delicacies

Old cow meat and beef are both highly valued delicacies, but they have significant differences. But what exactly are these differences and how do they affect the flavor, texture, and culinary use of these meats?

As you might imagine, the age of an animal greatly affects the flavor and texture of its meat. Old cow meat tends to have a richer and deeper flavor than beef. This is due to the accumulation of fat and muscle maturation that occurs during the animal's lifetime. This fat gives the meat an intense flavor and tender texture.

On the other hand, beef has a milder flavor and firmer texture than old cow meat. This makes it ideal for a wide range of dishes, from grilling to boiling to roasting.

What is the difference in culinary use? Old cow meat is often the preferred choice for slow, long-cooked dishes, such as stews and roasts, where its intense flavor can shine through. On the other hand, beef is extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of recipes, from grilled steak to burger to cuts for carpaccio.

Another significant difference between old cow meat and beef is availability. While beef is readily available in supermarkets and butcher shops, old cow meat is a more niche product, often available only in specialty butcher shops or through online suppliers.

Vaca Vieja, luxury meats of Vacum

Vacum's Spanish Vaca Vieja breed is considered one of the best in the world. Obtained from cows over 8 years old, this meat is distinguished by its flavor, tenderness and fat marbling index, which give it an unmistakable tenderness and flavor. Also confirming the goodness of the meat are experienced professional tasters such as the "World Steak Challenge" team, an international competition in which meats from all over the world participate and where Vacum has won the gold medal for flavor and texture for 3 years in a row.

It must also be taken into account that Vacum's cattle continue to be raised as they once were. All animals graze freely and have a unique natural diet. Thanks to this we find a number of very special nuances in the meat. The animals graze freely and are allowed to eat flowers in the spring, dried fruits and a host of plants and herbs that are always available to the animal. The natural nutrition of the animal is found in the flavor of the meat, which, once on your plate, will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey.

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