Buffalo Mozzarella

If you are a buffalo cheese lover, you will not be disappointed by our selection. Get carried away by the sensational flavors of PDO buffalo mozzarella, but don't forget the buffalo ricotta or butter.

The Best Italian Buffalo Mozzarella

Mozzarella di Bufala is an Italian excellence appreciated all over the world. It is an icon of Made in Italy that is worldwide for its special flavor and production method. Mozzarella is the Queen of "pasta filata cheeses," which is a melting cheese, a unique characteristic of Italian cheeses.

To offer the best Italian mozzarella, Longino & Cardenal relies on Luigi Guffanti cheese factory in Arona. The company was born thanks to the aging of Gorgonzola in 1876 and, over time, the Guffanti Family has specialized in the selection, aging and refining of the best Italian and international dairy products.

What are the characteristics of buffalo mozzarella?

To become an authentic Buffallo Mozzarella, fresh whole buffalo milk must come exclusively from farms in the certified area. Buffalo milk has a different composition from other milks that are used for cheese production. Compared to cow's and sheep's milk, for example, it is richer in protein, fat and calcium. These special characteristics derive from specific environmental conditions and traditional methods typical of this production area. Only a cheese that passes the demanding certification process can obtain the PDO mark. After that, these companies are constantly monitored through analysis to ensure that they follow the requirements with high quality standards.

Different types of mozzarella for different uses

Among all Italian excellences such as Grana Padano or Pecorino Romano, buffalo mozzarella is the king of cheeses. This is because it is a very versatile ingredient for making pasta dishes, a caprese salad or even a board of different types of Italian cheeses. Mozzarella isn't an aged cheese, it's a very fresh product, it is silky, soft and milky. Buffalo Mozzarella should be eaten at room temperature, to fully enjoy the texture and flavor.

Buffalo mozzarella comes in different shapes such as the classic round shape, a braid or even little chunks to enjoy during a party. On the other hand there is buffalo ricotta, a unique product. The "sweet whey" is the raw material from which the exquisite Ricotta is made. This is a fresh product, so it lacks maturation, but it's creamy, soft and with a nice porcelain white color.

A mistake many people make when buying buffalo mozzarella is that if you're looking for regular cow mozzarella you better ask for fior di latte. Of course, it's not as tasty as buffalo one is, but it's an alternative for a milder taste.