Buffalo Burrata

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If you ask a French person which is his or her favorite Italian cheese, they will almost certainly answer Burrata, which in the last years has become a real cult in the French gastronomical panorama. Burrata is nothing else but Stracciatella protected by an external casing of thin spun paste, similar to fiordilatte cheese, made of cream mixed with milk enzymes and small scraps of mozzarella.

  • Type: Pasta filata
  • Texture: Melting
  • Color: White
  • Taste:Natural, creamy and slightly acidulous
  • Aroma: Candid, fresh buffalo milk

Absolutely healthy, the Buffalo Burrata of the highest quality surprises with its porcelain white color, a characteristic and delicate flavor, without any kind of preservative, characterized by the presence of the unique and typical marking on the packaging that attests to the product's genuineness and origin. La Cilentana takes care of the buffaloes (over 1,500 cows owned), providing them with the ideal conditions to live for producing milk of the highest quality.

Salerno ITALY

Buffalo Burrata

Drained net weight: 250 g

"La Cilentana" is a company that uses the most modern dairy processing technologies while still preserving a purely artisanal processing, obtained from the passion and commitment of master cheesemakers who have been handing down this profession from generation to generation: with their
their skilled hands they give us products with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

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