Organic Whole Wheat Flour Centumbrie 1Kg

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Centumbrie flours come from milling grains grown using organic farming methods.

Whole Wheat Flour is more nutritious than refined flours; it is a complete flour that provides higher amounts of fiber, protein, fatty acids and minerals, containing the germ of whole wheat.

Chef's Advice

This flour is particularly suitable for the preparation of both sweet and savory leavened delicacies, such as bread, pizza, focaccia, cakes and more, leaving ample room for imagination and creativity.

Centumbrie flours have a strength that varies between W180-W250. Therefore, in leavened products these flours are best expressed with 60/65% hydrations and leavening between 10-12 hours.

Long autolyses (40/60 minutes) are recommended in order to hydrate all cruscal components. The possible use of sourdough starter, either fresh or dehydrated, favors both the kneading and leavening phases, as well as enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of our flours. The final product will be a perfect synthesis of taste, nutrition and lightness.

What makes Centumbrie flour special?

Centumbrie uses a traditional production process with advanced technology. The company has chosen to include an optical sorter at the end of the second cleaning process to obtain a raw material perfectly free of impurities and made up of only healthy grains.

The packaging system involves the use of the ATM (modified atmosphere) methodology in order to ensure greater durability in terms of shelf life together with a preservation of the visual, organoleptic and nutritional properties of the product.

Respect for the environment and nature is at the heart of the production of products from the Umbrian territory, which is rich in biodiversity and excellence.


Perugia, ITALY


Organic Wholemeal Flour


1 kg

The Company

Centumbrie Mill works with natural stone millstones of white granite, the milling is done at low temperatures to safeguard the characteristics of wheat grown according to organic farming. The grains grown in Umbrian fields are carefully chosen to obtain a healthy, quality, 0km product.

Centumbrie flours, in addition to being purely milled, are free of added additives, to reflect the company's "from the land to the table" philosophy to the fullest.

Ingredients: stone-ground whole WHEAT flour

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 1506 kJ/356kcal, fat 2g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.2g, carbohydrates 67g, of which sugars 2g, protein 11.8, fiber 11.6, salt 0g

Net weight: 1kg

Storage conditions: please store in a cool and dry place.

Address and company name: CM S.R.L. via Osteria San Martino 31/C Agello Magione (Pg)

Organic certification: IT BIO 007 Agriculture Italy


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