Fresh Striped Jack Japan 1Kg - Shimaaji

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The Shima-aji fish can be found all over the Atlantic Ocean, and even in the Pacific and Indian oceans. For sushi, it is caught off the Japanese coast in shallow waters around 650 feet.

Shima-aji tastes like a cross between saba (mackerel) and kanpachi (greater amberjack, like leaner yellowtail). It’s light and buttery with very tender flesh and just a bit of fat. When very fresh, it has a firm texture and finishes with sweet notes. Many experienced sushi tasters count it amongst their favorites.

Chef's Advice

Shima-aji is most commonly served as nigiri or sashimiMaki (rolls) are an uncommon preparation, perhaps because its taste is not strong enough to come through when surrounded by nori and rice. Typical toppings include grated daikon (radish), gari (ginger), and negi (scallion / green onion), but the most traditional preparation is to simply brush with nikiri (sweetened soy sauce).

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