Chitarrine Pasta

Size 4 pcs x 250 g
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Full-bodied and well separated from each other, Chitarrine have been able to win a new role in the kitchen because they go well with simple and delicate preparations.

Just two ingredients: durum wheat semolina flour and eggs. Aldo's Pasta is handmade and, as tradition dictates, there is no water among the ingredients.

The Aldo method is about attention, detail and simplicity. Aldo's Pasta is a simple and genuine product, made with semolina flour, eggs and love for artisanal production. A pasta made with love, which is able to give not only taste, but also energy, well-being and emotions such as happiness for a plate of pasta.

Chef's Advice

Chitarrine are excellent with white fish sauces or sautéed with vegetables. In fact, chitarrine originated in Abruzzo to hold their own with sumptuous sauces such as mixed ragouts of beef, pork and lamb; or game in general.

What makes Aldo's pasta special?

Only Italian raw materials chosen, tested, selected and balanced by Maria and Luigi in order to make biting, fragrant pasta with a deep yellow yet opaque color, porosity, elasticity and tenacity. The pastry is processed in just a few steps to ensure maximum dough yield during cooking.

Aldo on the registry does not exist. It is the union of the first syllable of the surnames of Maria and Luigi, wife and husband, who have built their corner of paradise by learning and keeping Grandma Teresa's secrets, hidden in the skilled art of dough making. Maria and Luigi love family and know that love should be served at the table, especially love for the little things, like homemade pasta.

Their passion for making homemade pasta has over time led them to develop a working method that takes them back to the origins of egg pasta, an almost forgotten knowledge that is now carried on in an innovative way by Luigi and Maria.


Marche, ITALY


Artisan Pasta


4 packs of 250 g

Luigi Donnari and Maria Alzapiedi have dedicated their lives to the workshop where they produce egg pasta, a product that has been a symbol of the Marche region for generations. It is a company that lives in the present with strong ties to the past, but faces the future with innovation and modernity. There is avant-garde in La Pasta di Aldo pasta factory, but the processing steps reflect the ways of the authentic housewives of the Marche region who, with rhythm and heart, transform raw materials with precious skill.


Pasta secca all’uovo. Lavorazione artigianale. Essiccata lentamente e appesa.

Ingredienti: semola di GRANO duro, UOVA 32%

Prodotto in un laboratorio ove si utilizza: uova, cereali contenenti glutine, derivati da molluschi (nero di seppia).

Modalità di cottura: Cuocere in abbondante acqua (2l ogni 100g di pasta), salata al momento dell’ebollizione. Immergere la pasta nell’acqua. Non mescolare la pasta nel primo minuto di cottura per
preservare la lunghezza del prodotto. Cuocere a fuoco vivo per il tempo di cottura indicato. Scolare la pasta e mantecarla in padella con il sugo per far si che essa lo assorba.

Tempo di Cottura: 4/6 minuti

Modalità di conservazione: Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto, lontano da fonti di calore e luce.

Indirizzo e ragione sociale: C.da Castelletta, 41. 62015 Monte San Giusto (MC) La Pasta di Aldo

Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

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