Mezzi Paccheri Rigati Pasta

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Mezzi Paccheri Rigati are a type of Italian pasta that belongs to the paccheri family. They are medium-sized tubes of pasta, shorter than traditional paccheri, and have ridges on the surface. These ridges help to hold the sauce better, making them ideal for dishes with thick, rich sauces.

This paccheri rigati are perfect for stuffing or baked dishes, but they are also delicious served with fish sauces, meat sauces, or vegetable-based dressings.

What makes Petrilli pasta so special?

Petrilli produces pasta using two varieties of Italian wheat that have different and complementary characteristics, the Hathor and the Senatore Cappelli, both are grown in organic agriculture. Hathor gives the pasta protein and an extraordinary gluten quality, Senatore Cappelli gives fragrance and unique nutritional properties.
The wheat is slowly milled, at Molino De Vita in Casalvecchio di Puglia, the grain of the semolina is very coarse and the extraction yield low. The semolina is processed into pasta at Pastificio Sorrentino, in Gragnano, bronze-drawn and dried at low temperatures in small static cells.

The company always puts the environment first: they only use energy produced by hydroelectric power plants in the Dolomites. Chemicals are banned from their pasta production, instead, social responsibility is the key point for an ethic path.




Mezzi Paccheri Rigati pasta


500 gr

For Petrilli, the link with the land is very strong: theyʼve been farming with organic techniques since 1988 in a very old settlement, Motta della Regina, in Apulia.
Their goal was to recover native strains, renouncing to high yields per hectare and the use of chemicals to develop an environmentally sustainable production system, in which they take advantage of the soilʼs natural fertility and foster the environmentʼs biodiversity.

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