Frozen Wagyu Hamburgers

Size 4 pcs x 150 gr
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Kobe hamburgers represent a true excellence with high fat infiltration. A sublime recipe which is ideal for gourmet sandwiches and finger foods, with intense flavor and incredible tenderness.

Kobe Beef is a variety of meat obtained from Japanese beef cattle and is considered the most prized in the world. What most distinguishes it is the marbling of the meat : that is, the intramuscular fat veins, which in this animal are more evenly and homogeneously distributed than in other types of meat on the market. The presence of this high amount of fat allows the meat to be particularly tasty and tender.

Chef's Advice

Place the burger on a hot grill or steak pan straight from the freezer, without thawing it. This way you will get a burger that is firm and juicy inside.

What does Kobe mean?

Kobe beef is a registered trademark in Japan, and in order to obtain the trademark the cattle must be of the Tajima breed and born in Hyogo Prefecture; the breeder must be a member of the Hyogo Federation; slaughtering must happen in Hyogo Prefecture; the marbling must be sixth level or higher; the weight of the cattle must be less than 470 kilograms.

Why is Kobe Beef so special?

There are many reasons why it is such a prized meat. What is certain is that Kobe cattle are raised on special farms, where they are free to graze freely while eating the highest quality food, which raises the value and quality of their meat. They are fed mainly on rice, which provides a whiter marbling. The cattle are also brushed very often with firm but gentle movements that actually may resemble a massage.




Kobe beef hamburger


4 pieces x 150 gr approx. frozen

The Company

Terroir & Tradition Japan is based in Gifu Prefecture and focuses on traditional and local producers. Since its founding, Terroir & Tradition Japan has aimed to be an enterprise that participates in the revitalization of local communities and agribusinesses to make their qualities known to the world. The Japanese have created a unique gastronomic culture that is among the richest in the world.

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