Taleggio Cheese

Size 2 kg
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Taleggio was born around the 10th century in the Taleggio Valley, in the province of Bergamo, from which it would later take its name. Like Gorgonzola, to which it is a close relative, Taleggio is processed raw (meaning those cheeses processed at the minimum temperature for coagulation i.e. 36° C) and then undergoes stewing between 20 and 30° C in a special room to remove excess whey.

Aging takes place in natural caves such as those in Valsassina, famous since the 19th century for its natural caves that are ideal for aging cheese.

  • Type: Soft paste
  • Texture: Crumbly and compact
  • Rind: Natural
  • Color: Ivory white
  • Flavor: Intense
  • Aroma: Fresh milk

Chef's Advice

This taleggio expresses its best when paired with red wines. Enjoy it with green tomato mustard or rose jam and fresh fruit on soft bread, great spread on michettas.




Taleggio Cheese


2 kg

When great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti began aging Gorgonzola in 1876, his genius intuition was the purchase of an abandoned silver mine in Valganna, in the province of Varese. Five generations have passed, the attention to the artisanal quality of the cheese product and the passion for careful ripening continue to characterize the Guffanti-Fiori family, consolidated to this day as one of the best ripeners in the world.

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