Rice Vialone Nano San Massimo 1 kg

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The birth of Vialone Nano dates back to 1939 from the hybridization between the qualities Nano and Vialone Nero, a variety discovered in the province of Pavia. The Vialone Nano variety is a medium rice with a semi-fine grain, round and pearly.

Riserva San Massimo has chosen to produce this variety since it is one of the most prized qualities of rice. Its characteristics make it suitable for every kind of preparation and its uniqueness is especially exalted in the making of risottos.

The Company
In order to always guarantee a product of excellence, Riserva San Massimo selects only the best seeds, certified by E.N.S.E. (Ente Nazionale Sementi Elette) 100% Carnaroli variety.

The farm has made a quality choice: to cultivate only pure Carnaroli, dedicating about 100 hectares to it, despite the fact that the ripening times of this rice are the longest ever - the vegetative cycle lasts about 165 days - and the production risks are many. Authentic Carnaroli is a sensitive and delicate variety and its plants are very tall - they reach about 175 cm -.

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