Organic Tangerine and Olive Seasoning

Size 250 ml
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A condiment made from the simultaneous pressing of organic olives and tangerine, for seasoning your dishes with a fruity touch.

Ideal for pairing with fish dishes and risottos, to enhance prawns' taste and fish tartare's flavor.

Tenuta Chiaramonte's bottles and cans are distinguished by very distinctive artistic labels.

What makes Chiaramonte oil special?

The working cycle of Tenuta Chiaramonte makes exclusive use of an in-house 0-kilometer supply chain, which begins with the cultivation of about 12 thousand olive trees in the 100 hectares of land, is enhanced with an olive harvest carried out strictly by hand with a traditional comb, and then transforms into the oil mill with sophisticated technology, to be perfected in storage and bottling.


Sicily ITALY


Organic Tangerine and Olive Seasoningl


250 ml

The attachment to their roots, production rigor and passion that animate Tenuta Chiaramonte are the result of the agricultural culture of Sicily and the Hyblean land in particular, which boasts a millennia-old tradition of olive oil production, started by Greek settlers and later performed by the Arabs. The company, with its extensive olive groves and modern oil mill, is located in the sunny countryside of Ragusa, among hills that slope toward the sea and dry stone walls that have become a World Heritage Site.

Ingredienti: 85% olive da agricoltura biologica, 15% mandarino da agricoltura biologica
Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g: grassi 91,3 g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 13,2 g, carboidrati 0 g, di cui zuccheri 0 g, proteine 0 g, sale 0 g
Condizioni di conservazione: si prega di conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto (13°-18°C), al riparo da luci
e fonti di calore.
Indirizzo e ragione sociale: Tenuta Chiaramonte Società Agricola Srl C.Da Gisolfo S.P. 81 Km 7,400 Ragusa Sicilia - Italia
Certificazione biologica: IT BIO 018 Agricoltura Italia

Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO.
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