Pre-Sliced Jamón de Bellota

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Jamon de Bellota is nothing more than the leg of the pig, thus the typical Spanish ham. Bellota ham has a very typical and deep flavor, with an abundance of intense flavors and an incomparable umami taste.

What makes Bellota Iberian pork special?

Iberian bellota ham comes from pigs that have been fed exclusively on acorns (bellotas in Spanish) and natural grasses and raised in pastures, in semi-freedom, grazing in fields and exercising like wild animals.

During the "montanera" season, from September to February, the "dehesa" trees produce their fruit, acorns, which the pigs devour with relish.

Acorns are a highly energetic fruit and contain a large amount of oleic acid. This way of feeding the animals makes for the best Iberian hams.


Guijuelo Salamanca SPAIN


Iberian Bellota ham pre-sliced by hand


Vacuum-packed, 100 gr, pre-sliced

The Company

On the surroundings of Salamanca, the Blázquez family founded the ham company in 1932, based on the artisan knowledge of that time: still today it is a family-run business with almost 90 years of tradition in producing one of the most iconic Iberian excellences, namely patanegra. Controlled genetics, selection criteria based on teachings passed down from generation to generation, and a self-produced diet are the secrets still guarded by the third generation: from the year of its founding to today Jamones Blázquez remains faithful to its natural and traditional processes.


Ingredients: pork leg and salt

Storage: store at temperature below 5°C

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 1480 kJ/356 kcal, fat 25.2g, of which saturated fatty acids 8.08g, carbohydrates 1g, of which sugars <0.5g, protein 32.2g, salt 4.5g.

Business name and address: Jamones Ibericos Blazquez SL Pol. Ind. Agroalimentario C/Sierra de Tonda, PARC 67 D 37770 GUIJUELO-SALAMANCA

Ce stamp: ES 10.19003/SA CE

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