Dry Aged Striploin Rubia Gallega 1 kg

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Rubia Vacum has a guaranteed maturation of 21 days, skillfully performed by the owner of the company, José Rosell, who cut by cut, corrects temperatures, adjusts ventilation, and controls the silent work of the noble molds in order to produce the best Rubia Gallega in the world. The Rubia Gallega is in fact considered, like the Wagyu, one of the best meats in the world; it is left to age much longer than other bovines, between 8 and 15 years. Its main characteristic is having lived free in the pasture all its life, feeding on green, fat, iodine-rich grass of the temperate Galician coasts.
Over the years, thanks to a rigorous study conducted, the maturing process has become the trademark of "Carne di Lusso Vacum", especially thanks to the search for noble molds that create a meat with a unique taste.

Leon/Valencia SPAIN

Rubia Gallega

Vacuum packed, fresh

Product Name: adult beef
Born: Spain
Bred: Spain
Slaughtered: Spain 10.00563/PO
Cut: Spain 10.22143/V and 10.00018417/M
Storage: store at 0 - +7°C
Company name and address: Vacum Carnes de lujo s.l., Pol. Ind. Masia del Conde, Calle 6 s/n, 46393 Loriguilla Spain
EC stamp: ES 10.22143/V EC

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