Raw Spaghetti Pasta

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It was 1916 when Domenico Cocco, at the age of 14, started working in a pasta factory in Fara, his hometown. The work, over the years, turned into a passion after many hardships. The young man learned so quickly the techniques and tricks of this art from the elderly "Mastri" pasta makers to be called after a short time, even he, "Mastro Domenico". He dedicated his life to this fascinating craft and kept all the secrets that, over time, he revealed to his son Giuseppe as well as the elders had done with him.

The classic handover: Giuseppe Cocco, in 1944, took up his father's job and was put to the test with the difficult task of looking for, among the rubble of the bombings, the parts of the machines used by the pasta makers of that time: the machines were rebuilt and put back into operation.

With that kind of machines, with those memories, with those secrets, Cavaliere Giuseppe Cocco today produces in Fara S. Martino the pasta of those distant times, as good as then. The ancient "Mastri" pasta makers claimed that the ingredients for a good pasta were four: wheat, water, air and processing.

The excellent organoleptic characteristics of the water of the Verde river, exclusively fed by natural springs, and the particular dry and ventilated climate, which allows a perfect drying of the pasta, are the two ingredients that nature has given to Fara S. Martino and that make the pasta produced here unique.

Suggestions for use

Cook al dente 9 minutes

The Company

Giuseppe Cocco took over his father's business in 1944. Even today the ancient and precious machinery is followed by the careful and scrupulous control of the Knight. It is his irreplaceable experience that accompanies all phases of processing so that all the protein and nutritional qualities of the pasta remain intact, along with its taste.


Abruzzo ITALY


Durum wheat semolina pasta


6 packages of 500 gr each

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Product name: Spaghetti, durum wheat semolina pasta with bran and middlings

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, bran (45%), middlings (2%). Contains GLUTEN

Country of cultivation of wheat: Arizona

Country of milling: Italy

Address and company name: fara S. Martino pastificio artigiano Cav. G. Cocco zona artigianale 157

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD

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