Discover the freshness and the saltiness of seaweeds. Try wakame seaweed in your dishes to give them an asian touch. Seaweeds are a great source of nutrients and a tasty ingredient for your gourmet meals.

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Seaweed, a new superfood

Seaweeds became very popular in recent years because of their health benefits, but also thanks to Asian, especially Japanese, cuisine. This special sea vegetable grows in the sea, this is the reason behind the amazing taste it has. There are different varieties of edible seaweeds and they differ in taste, texture, colour and nutritional content. Longino & Cardenal can boast a rich catalog with the most interesting products such as wakame seaweed or kombu seaweed, you can simply order on our website and receive your favorite products in the comfort of your home in Dubai.

How many types of seaweeds?

On Longino & Cardenal online shop you will find kombu, wakame, sea lettuce, seaweed spaghetti and codium seaweed. But what makes them so special? Let's start this journey about seaweeds' features.

Wakame is quite small, with its dark green - almost black - color, it's perfect for making miso soup and Japanese salad thanks to its lightly vegetal taste and its slippery texture, you only need to bleach them 10 minutes in hot water.

Kombu seaweed is a great source of umami, enhancing Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. People usually add kombu in broths and soups, pairing with dried mushrooms or anchovies for a refreshing broth.

Sea spaghetti have a mild taste and almost a crunchy texture that make them great to eat as a snack. Talking about sea lettuce, it's delicate in texture but with an intense sea flavor, many famous chefs use to flash-fry sea lettuce in duck fat.

The health benefits of seaweeds

Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals, and it's also naturally low in calories and fat. It is also high in antioxidants, known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Growing seaweed is very easy because it requires no fertilising, weeding or watering, for this reason seaweed has a positive environmental impact.

Some recipes to enhance seaweed

Seaweeds are a very versatile ingredient for making wraps or sandwiches with nori seaweed, of course the most famous way to use it is making sushi rolls, but we want to suggest you something more creative.

For a boost of taste, try adding seaweeds to soups and salad, for a healthy snack, try baking them or frying for making them crispy in the form of chips. Because of their nice flavor, use seaweeds as a seasoning or a dressing for a side dish. Dried seaweeds are great for making hummus and pesto.