Vegetables and Nuts

And to enrich your gourmet dishes, the delicate herbs and edible flowers, hand-picked in South Tyrol, are an absolute must. Let’s journey into Piedmont for one of the greatest culinary inventions of recent times: Italian garlic and black shallot. Also from Piedmont, this time in the Langhe area, truffles and other typical products arrive. When it comes to fruit, we can offer you everything from purées, to juices and a range of dried specialities.

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Our Gourmet Vegetable Selection

Discover the entire Longino & Cardenal selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seaweeds. Thanks to the Longino online shop, you can easily order the best food from Italy to Dubai, for your daily recipes or for your most special celebrations.

The Longino online shop has selected only the best producers around the world to offer high quality fruits and vegetables to demanding customers. A quick lunch or a gourmet dinner always requires an excellent veggie side dish, and every dish needs a fine decoration, in order to be presented to important guests.

Our catalog is rich in interesting propositions, from Sicilian eggplants to Portuguese fresh seaweeds. Add a luxury touch to your preparations with dried herbs and decorative flowers, explore the wide world of nuts to get a boost of energy with their nutritious effects.

All our vegetables are fresh and are grown in full respect for nature, which has always been our driving force together with our strong passion for Rare and Precious foods.

Seasonal Vegetables, Dried Herbs and Decorative Flowers

You can easily get all the best fresh vegetables to your home thanks to Longino online shop. Among the most delicious products you can find eggplants and tomatoes from Sicily, different herbs for every use, straight from the Italian Alps.

Cook at home with the same ingredients like those used by the best chefs of the world. What would you do with these vegetables? You can think of a recipe for pasta alla norma, a typical Sicilian pasta with fried eggplant or an easy and quick spaghetti with tomatoes, which is always a comfort food for Italian people who really love the tomato plant.

Try the black garlic and the black shallots to experience a new taste, a harmony of flavors ranging from balsamic to licorice, a completely different ingredient from fresh garlic.

An elegant salad needs edible leaves and edible flowers to give a boost of color to the recipe. Our selection of herbs is also excellent for infusions, for seasoning meat while cooking on the grill or even for adding a special twist to gourmet cocktails. Find your favorite ingredient and get raeady to cook an amazing meal. as orange and strawberry jams, to accompany even the adults during the first meal of the day thanks to a gourmet ingredient.

Nuts: delicious snacks for parties

When organizing a party, the hard time always comes when thinking about the snacks. Longino suggests you to try Sicilian pistachios that are great to snack between drinks, or to eat almonds to get a boost of energy during the daily workout.

The peeled almonds with herbs are so tasty that you'll need to refill your bowl every minute, not to mention the selection of spicy nuts such as hazelnuts with salt, chili and garam masala.

If you want to try and make your homemade appetizer, try the almond flour to create a nice little gourmet canapé to fill with your favorite ingredients and to enrich with a rich nut butter, which is also a great source of nutrients and has a lot of health benefits.

Tasty Seaweeds that are good for your health

Seaweeds are fresh, salty, crunchy and very tasty. Longino has selected the best range from a Portuguese producer: wakame, kombu and sea lettuce for an Asian touch to your dishes.

Seaweeds are a great source of nutrients, they are very popular in Asian cuisine but nowadays their use has spread all over the world. There are a lot of recipes that include this special ingredient such as the seaweed soup for winter dinners, or Hong Kong seaweed crackers and, of course, sushi with seaweeds.