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In this section you will find some of our customers' absolute favorite ingredients: Octopus and Mullet Bottarga. You will appreciate the high quality of Longino's products.

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Seafood Specialties for a Gourmet Experience

On Longino & Cardenal shop you can find the best seafood products to buy online and receive in a few days directly at home in Dubai. The best seafood, carefully selected around the world, for the most demanding palates.

In the seafood specialties category you will find innovative ingredients that can boost your dinners with the highest quality, our catalog is rich in interesting propositions that will make you a starred chef for your family and your friends.

Get ready to host your party! Become the most beloved and appreciate among your friends thanks to the high quality ingredients you use in your kitchen. Discover our whole catalog: from fish and shellfish, to every seafood you can dream about.

Our advice for a Special Meal

Every special occasion requires a special meal: season your fish pasta with the delicious cured mullet roe, a delicacy that you can easily grate or thinly slice for an extra flavor on your dish. Better known as bottarga, grey mullet roe comes from a preservation technique of extracting fish roe to salt and dry. Bottarga is amazing to eat with pasta, any grain or starch, but also with vegetables and some seasonings such as lemon or soy sauce.

If you're planning a sophisticated dinner, you need to try red sea urchin pasta or even a slice of toasted bread with sea urchin and olive oil on top. This special ingredient will make your meal unique. It’s considered a delicacy all over the world due to its rich flavor and satisfying texture. The taste is sweet and creamy, the color goes from a light yellow or gold to orange-red.

Italians love clams and mussels, they have so many recipes for steamed clams and mussels with black pepper. When travelling to the seaside in Italy, you can't miss pasta with shellfish, but if you don't have time to travel, you can simply order the best clams online and make your favorite pasta or risotto at home.

American Scallops are usually eaten during very special events such as New Year's Eve, we propose you our frozen scallops without the shell so it's easier to cook them, just a few minutes will be great because you never want to overcook them.

A shellfish plateau is what you need when organizing a meal full of fish specialties, try scallop gratin to surprise your guests. During summer, what you really need is something to eat which is refreshing, tasty and also good for your health. That's the reason behind the choice of fish and seafood during hot days, try our selection of smoked tuna and smoked swordfish for making delicious sandwiches or salads.

Some recipes you will love

Have you ever tried a grilled octopus? If the answer is no, get ready and turn on your barbecue because with our recipe you will make a delicious octopus, tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

If you're looking for a light summer recipe, our suggestion goes to the codfish salad, which is so refreshing and tasteful that it will make you dream about summer holidays.