Discover the excellence of real Italian rice, to prepare an authentic-tasting risotto that can tell the story of the land of origin through a unique taste.

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Rice for an authentic Italian meal

Rice is not something considered especially “Italian”, but it surely has an interesting story within the country that was able to develop it through the art of “risotto”. Longino & Cardenal wants to make Italian rice famous abroad, discover our catalog and get ready to have an Italian food experience in the comfort of your home in Dubai. If you love Italian food culture, then you will be amazed and surprised by our special selection including Carnaroli rice and many more options.

Translated as “riso” in Italian, rice is mainly used in Northern Italy and Italy is the first producer of rice in Europe with Lombardy and Piedmont as the most important production areas. It is believed that Asian rice was imported in Greece by the soldiers of Alexander the Great and then reached Italy.

Different varieties of rice

When talking referring to Italian rice-based dishes, it is inevitable to talk about risotto, born in Lombardy and well-known because of its creamy consistency. Italy produces some special varieties of rice that are able to absorb liquid and release the starch, which are ideal for risotto. Long grain rice, such as basmati rice, or even glutinous rice, is not something popular in Italian culture. These varieties are:

  • Arborio rice: with very big round grains, originally from Piedmont.
  • Carnaroli: considered the king of rice because it has a higher starch content and it's quite compact during cooking.
  • Vialone Nano: the most versatile because it can absorb lots of liquids that makes it ideal for risotto.

The art of Risotto

Milan and Pavia are considered the capital cities of Risotto, cities where you must try a rice based meal because of their long tradition and experience. When in Milan, a must is risotto alla milanese which is also known as yellow rice because of the addition of saffron. It is made with beef bone marrow, cheese and saffron.

Another very special risotto, which is probably not something that encounters all tastes is risotto alla certosina, from Pavia. It is a mushroom risotto with the addition of peas, fish and frog, a very weird, but tasty, mix of flavors.

A very hot stock, olive oil and butter play a very important role in the art of making a risotto because the key for a perfect rice is cooking stirring occasionally. Never forget to put a glass of white wine at the very beginning, right after your rice starts to smell like fresh baked bread, this special touch will add a boost of flavor to the final result.