Spanish Pork

The world of Iberian pork consists of a unique selection of different fine cuts. Animal welfare is one of our main priorities, thanks to which we guarantee delicate and flavorful meats. Try the characteristic cuts of Iberian black pig, the most sought-after in the world thanks to its unique taste and sensory notes.

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Iberian Pork, the true delicacy from Spain

Spanish pigs come from the Iberian Peninsula, the land where they produce the famous Spanish ham, also known as Jamón. The animals are raised in the wild, and their meat is red, juicy and flavorful, with a unique and distinct taste. Usually pork is served well-cooked, but this type of meat should be served rare, to best enhance its characteristic flavor.

Longino's selection includes the best cuts of pork, such as pluma, tenderloin, secreto or ribs. Ribs, in particular, are perfect for a gourmet barbecue with friends, the most delicious dish to enjoy during summer days. Our catalog is rich, you can choose among many interesting options for your meals, order online on our website and receive your package directly at home in Dubai.

Apart from the Iberian pork and the suckling pig, our catalog can boast the Duroc breed, born from the fusion of Old Duroc and Red Jersey in the 19th century United States. Its excellent marbling and the firm white fat make the meat juicy, tender and flavorful. This particular breed is considered the best for making cured hams such as Spanish jamón Serrano and jamón ibérico de bellota.

Different cuts of pork for different uses

First of all, we need to specify what an Iberian pork is. A 100% purebred Iberian pig with an unmistakable flavor because of the incredible marbling of fat and the genetic characteristics that make the pig assimilating oleic acid from acorns (known as bellotas). Blázquez is the Spanish company we chose for the pork meat, their pigs grow freely or in semi-freedom in vast areas where they can move around peacefully: this contributes to stronger, more toned muscles. Moreover, the animals are allowed to live longer, more than 11 months.

Talking about pork cuts, pork tenderloin, or solomillo, is perfect for gourmet preparations. Among the most original ideas for pork recipes, patanegra fillet is excellent when cooked in a hot pan, after cooking let it rest wrapped in foil and then brown the meat in butter with a finishing touch of salted caramel sauce. The pork rack is an amazing cut, it will surprise your guests because of its shape, a true classic of Spanish butchery.

Iberian pork, unlike what one might imagine, must be cooked like beef, never to overcook but always to let pink on the inside, so it becomes juicier and more tender. Discover our selection of Spanish meat and get ready to become a true starred chef with the help of our precious ingredients. The pork pluma is a very sophisticated pork cut coming from the neck of the animal, very soft and perfect to cook on the grill. The pork secreto hides a sort of mystery around it because it is located between the shoulder, ribs and the lard, traditionally this cut is baked. The pork presa is one of the most versatile pork cuts, coming from the pig neck, with a very unique taste.

What is the suckling pig?

In Spain, it's called cochinillo, we can simply refer to it as the suckling pig. It's a pig which is carefully monitored during all its life, the farmers take care of the piglet mother, who is healthy, fit and ready to nurse. The pigs follow a specific diet, the Cochinillo feeds only on its mother's milk.

The mother and the sucking pig live in excellent conditions, they live stress-free and totally serene. All these aspects make the cochinillo de Segovia a delicious meat to eat: a very clear, almost white rind and a pink meat known for its extreme tenderness. The pig fat, once cooked, becomes crispy, amber in color and, above all, a true delicacy.

The Cochinillo is sweet, with a delicate and soft taste, it can be cooked in the oven or roasted on the barbecue. Discover the catalog and choose among the suckling pig leg or the pig rack, for the most daring there is the whole Segovia piglet to cook in the oven for a perfect roasted suckling pig. You'll experience a traditional Spanish meal, without even travelling, but in the comfort of your house.