Challenge your fine palates and your culinary skills: try the best cuts from the most sought-after breeds of beef in the world. Thanks to the high quality and freshness of the products, you can choose between the famous Italian Fassona or the Spanish Rubia Gallega.

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High Quality Beef to buy online

Longino & Cardenal's selection of beef is rich and includes meat from Italy, Japan and from Spain. They are all fresh cuts and vacuum-packed to ensure longer preservation. Order your daily grocery on our website and receive it directly at home in Dubai. Our meat is safe, it is sent with refrigerated shipping to ensure maximum freshness. In order to be chosen by Longino & Cardenal, producers must follow very high quality standard based on meat production and sustainable farming.

Red meat cuts are great for perfect grilling with friends or family. You'll find T-Bone steaks, rib-eye and tenderloin to cook in the oven or on the grill, striploin, rump or carpaccio for a much more sophisticated cooking method. Try the best beef steak or surprise your guests with a special T-Bone steak to cook on the barbecue. Discover our whole catalog, buy your favorite cut of beef and get ready to host the most important party you ever had.

The authentic Japanese Wagyu

Kobe beef is a registered trademark in Japan, considered the most precious meat in the world because of its high quality marbling. Kobe beef comes from the Hyogo Prefecture and its marbling must be sixth level or higher. You can choose among the tenderloin, the striploin, the rib-eye or the hamburgers for a quick dinner or a very easy bbq.

Rubia Gallega, the most precious Spanish meat

Longino has selected Vacum as the Spanish producer for the dry aged Old Cow meat. They are characterized by their marbling and a very special meat color. The Vacum Seleccion includes breeds from the Iberian Peninsula, such as the Casina breed or other crosses.

Rubia Gallega is an animal that grows in large areas, eating only fresh grass and corn. It is considered one of the best beef in the world. It is characterized by a purplish meat color and a marbling ranging from pearl white to yellow-orange with a very soft and fine texture. Rubia Gallega is perfect to make your barbecue unforgettable.

When cooking a big cut of Spanish beef, be sure to season it with olive oil, sea salt flakes, black pepper and if you want a boost of flavor, add some smoked paprika or your favorite spices. When cooking roasts, season the meat with some artisan French butter to keep it juicy and very soft.

Fassona Piemontese, the Italian meat par excellence

Among Italian cattle breeds, the Piedmontese Fassona is one of the absolute best. Longino has chosen Oberto as a partner for this special beef. There are several cuts on our selection: the t-bone steak, the rib steak, and leaner cuts of meat, such as the rump or carpaccio. This Piedmontese beef is great to try on the grill.

Everybody knows the famous Italian beef carpaccio, thin slices of raw meat for a delicious appetizer or as a main dish for a truly gourmet dinner. We suggest you to try our recipe and become a master of raw meat carpaccio. Talking about dgree of doneness, from well done (which should not be an option when cooking steaks) to medium rare or rare (much more appreciated), it's always useful to use a thermometer for checking the temperature of the meat, so to be sure to eat a safe product.

For a Fassona striploin, cook for three minutes on each side of the steak for rare, four minutes for medium, and five to six minutes for well done. The T-Bone steak is ideal for barbecuing or grilling, but for those with a sweet tooth, pan-fry the steak in clarified butter with seasonal herbs such as rosemary, sage and garlic.