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A Leghorn hen from a small farm in the Alto Adige region of Italy, the Uova di Montagna hen is a "real" hen, whose beak is not cut off (essential for the digestion and assimilation of the feed) and whose wings are not cut off so that they can actually scratch at what they find on the ground and express themselves naturally.
In a mountainous habitat, immersed in centenary chestnut woods, the open-air breeding is composed of wooden houses inside which there are only 140 hens, allowing them to create their social hierarchy and live without stress. The egg laid by a Mountain Eggs hen is a seasonal egg.
Just think of spring and summer when the meadows are in bloom and insects, earthworms and snails are always present in the pasture, the hen can get the maximum nutrition which then translates into an egg with a better protein structure.
The grassy mantle, real banquet for the hens, is respected by ensuring each hen at least 7 square meters of pasture, sandbox for cleaning and entertainment for the animal itself. On the other hand, during the winter period, snowfall and cold weather freeze the ground and the multitude of organisms present in the pasture, thus preventing the hens from roosting constantly.

Uova di Montagna, thanks to significant investments in research and development, has found sensible forms of food supplementation: a specially created recipe totally GMO-free, composed of Garda olives, corn, brewer's yeast, calcium carbonate, whole roasted soybeans, wheat and wheat bran. In addition, by liaising with neighboring farms, it provides an integration based on turnips for fattening, rich in protein, fiber, magnesium, calcium and sugars that the hens are no longer able to obtain with the snowy ground and therefore at rest. Another food integration is constituted by earthworms, by means of the earthworms positioned in the breeding farm, studied to guarantee a constant protein contribution during the year.
The Leghorn hen is characterized by a white egg and by being a rustic bird with very large wings that allow it to make very important leaps: Uova di Montagna pampers hens, taking them up to 4 years of age (compared to the food industry, which arrives at a maximum of 12 months), stimulating their wild nature with "gyms" throughout their lives so that they can keep fit and have fun.

How can you recognize a quality egg at first glance?
The shell must be very compact, the albumen - the white part - solid, rounded and gelatinous (which means that the animal has eaten a lot of protein), while the yolk must be perfectly round and turgid (a symptom of a diet rich in vitamins and carbohydrates).
In concrete terms, these characteristics translate into an egg that is different from those on the market in terms of taste, organoleptic properties and also simplicity of preparation: in fact, the litmus test is the possibility of making a pochet egg without the need to create the vortex. 

The Company
Mattia and Giovanni founded Uova di Montagna (Mountain Eggs) in 2016 with the goal of producing the best possible egg while guaranteeing the highest standards of animal welfare The farming method takes inspiration from some of Rudolf Steiner's own principles, who already in the early 1900s envisioned agriculture and "farming that respects natural cycles and the ecological balance threatened by both too high an animal concentration and extremely specialized breeding."
Free-range farming respects the ethological characteristics of the hen animal and panders to its different needs during all seasons and weather conditions. 

How to read the code on the shell?

Example: 1 EN 000 XX 000
Identifies the type of breeding:
2=on the ground
3=in cage
Identifies the production status Italy
Identifies the Istat code of the municipality of production
Identifies the province of production
Identifies the name and location of the farm where the hen laid the egg 

Castione di Brentonico at 600 meters above sea level on Mount Baldo
Santa Barbara in Val di Gresta at 1240 meters above sea level
Bezzecca in Val di Ledro at 700 meters above sea level in the province of Trento.

Mountain eggs 

8 eggs package (minimum net weight about 400 g)

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Company name and address UOVA DI MONTAGNA s.a.s. via Fabio Filzi 14, 38065 Mori (TN)
C. Imb. IT 022022
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