Fassona Piemontese Carpaccio

Ahead of the warm weather, Giorgio Guglielmetti and his right-hand man Rodrigio have come up with a dish that can be either a pleasant appetizer for lunch with friends or a light gourmet lunch. In this video-recipe you will discover how to season a carpaccio of raw Piedmontese fassona beef to create an elegant and mouth-watering dish. Chef Giorgio uses a meat tenderizer to flatten Piedmontese fassona, a lean cut of meat perfect for serving raw. Oberto Piedmontese fassona carpaccio is served with a hazelnut caviaroli (oil perlage), a Luigi Guffanti burrata stracciatella, fine Meaux's grain mustard, and some wild salad.

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4 people

How to make raw MEAT CARPACCIO

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Fassona Piemontese Carpaccio 600 g
  • Burrata Stracciatella 100 g
  • Hazelnut Oil Perlage
  • Wild Salad
  • Salt
  • EVO Oil


  • Slice a piece of Piedmontese fassona Carpaccio.

  • Place it between two sheets of baking paper and beat it with a meat tenderizer

  • Cut it with the help of a circular base

  • Place it on the plate and season it

  • Blend the burrata cheese

  • Season the carpaccio with maldon salt, evo oil, burrata, hazelnut oil perlage, mustard seeds and wild salad

May 2, 2022