Colomba of Excellence "Together"

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A symbol of peace and universal brotherhood, the colomba is the Easter dessert par excellence: exclusively for our customers, Longino & Cardenal's Colomba was born from the idea of combining the best selected raw materials and putting them at the disposal of master pastry chef Italo Vezzoli, winner of the 2018 and 2020 "Re Panettone" awards. An artisanal product without the addition of preservatives, dyes or other additives: an exclusive recipe for our customers to commemorate a gastronomic Easter!

The ingredients of the Colomba of Excellence "Together":

French raw-milk butter whipped in wooden churns as it used to be.
Eggs from free-range hens with a round, firm yolk, a indication of a diet rich in vitamins and carbohydrates.
Marcona almonds, a very rare Spanish variety that is sweeter, moist and delicately soft.
Natural Acacia honey in bloom between April and May without added ingredients or heat treatment, in its most integral authenticity.
Candied Orange Cubes made from orange peels of the Navelina cultivar, cut into quarters and candied in sugar syrup.

Beillevaire Butter

Beillevaire was founded in 1980 by Pascal and Claudine Beillevaire. They had 50 cows and produced white cheese, unpasteurized cream and unpasteurized butter, products sold in local markets. Now it has 20 cheese stores, 10 food halls and is present in 50 markets every week. The success and exponential growth from a small company to a major market player have not changed Pascal's mission: in fact, it is the only company in France that processes raw milk and churns butter in wooden churns.

Mountain Eggs

Mattia and John founded Uova di Montagna in 2016 with the goal of producing the best egg possible while ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare. The breeding method takes inspiration from some of Rudolf Steiner's own principles, who already in the early 1900s envisioned farming and "breeding that respects natural cycles and the ecological balance threatened by both too high an animal concentration and extremely specialized breeding." Free-range farming respects the ethological characteristics of the hen animal and accommodates its different needs during all seasons and weather conditions.

Almonds Almondeli

Marcona almonds are a type of gourmet almond from Spain. Their texture is more like that of a macadamia nut, and they are rounder than the more common California almond. These almonds can be enjoyed on their own as gourmet delicacies or used in any recipe that calls for almonds. Almondeli almonds are still cultivated using traditional methods and are found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Thun Honey

A farm, wanted by Andrea Paternoster connected with land, plants and bees: a harmonious place, representing the beauty of the most precious fruit of plants, revealing the scent of the flower of origin. Bee rhymes with life, a thermometer that unambiguously signals the health of an environment, fertilizes the flowers of most angiosperm species, ensuring their biodiversity. Bees are by their nature the link between the human and insect worlds, often being the only voice too little heard. Acacia honey is characterized by reminiscences of sugared almond and bourbon vanilla, while in the mouth it is sweet and silky and its aftertaste confirms all the ethereality of the olfactory sensations by revealing a fresh note of sweet almond.

Pariani Candied Orange

Pariani is a family-run company that started its activity in 2010 with the production of Hazelnut Oil made exclusively with "Piedmont Hazelnuts" IGP. From the immediate success of hazelnut oil among professionals in the industry, the entire range of strictly Italian nut oils was born. Pariani's offer was then expanded and completed with semi-finished products for ice cream, including pastes, flours, grains, candied fruit, essences and special ingredients.




Classic Artisan Colomba


1 kg


Ingredienti: farina di GRANO tenero di tipo 00, BURRO, tuorlo d’UOVO, 10% gocce di crema al limone (zucchero, LATTE in polvere, limone), zucchero, lievito naturale (farina di GRANO tenero di tipo 00, acqua), miele d’acacia, burro di cacao, farina di GRANO maltato, glassa (farina di GRANO tenero di tipo 00, zucchero, zucchero in granella, MANDORLE, albume d’UOVO). Può contenere ARACHIDI, ALTRA FRUTTA A GUSCIO, SEMI DI SESAMO E DERIVATI.

Modalità di conservazione: conservare in un luogo fresco e asciutto

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g: energia 1941kJ/ 465 kcal, grassi 27g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 16g, carboidrati 48g, di cui zuccheri 23g, proteine 6,8g, sale 0,04g Indirizzo e ragione sociale: In Croissanteria S.r.l. via Variante di Cicola 13/C - 4060 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)

Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

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